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About Goget

Goget.in, a Premium Job Portal that connects both Job Seeker's and Employer's in Exploring a World of Opportunities.

The purpose and aim of Goget is to make the Job market accessible to each and every aspiring individual to get his/ her choicest Job Opportunities. It also provides platform for Employer's/Recruiters to find the best possible pool of talents according to their Manpower Requirements with ease and in a cost effective manner.

We have covered almost every industry name, function/department, role/designation, in its fold, enabling the user to choose according to their caliber and requirements.

Goget: A gamechanger for your growing business:

Goget also gives an equal opportunity to the advertisers to accelerate brand presence in the World Wide Web. Goget gives you the platform to promote and drive traffic to your growing business. A well-built business profile will help you in attracting new customers and increase your brand awareness among the masses along with your products and services. You can not only enhance your business prospects and build business connections but also have an insight into businesses of others in the market.

What makes Goget distinctive from others?

Platform for Job Seeker's:

Special features and categories: Goget has advanced features and three different categorizes for Job Seeker's enabling the end user to utilize its service in a quick and efficient manner.

Goget understands the importance of professional Curriculum Vitae for getting the Dream Job. To assist Job Seekers in building a complete profile we have given features to upload Photograph, Certificates, etc, that gives the user more chance to showcase their caliber and increase the chances of fulfilling their wish to secure the dream job.

Hassle free profile updates: Goget job portal has been designed in such a fashion that experienced professionals from any walk of life can upload their Curriculum Vitae in its General Category Folder, where in the Profile can get easily noticed by Employer's/Recruiters without much hassle.

Fresher's Advantage: After completion of education, Fresh Job Seeker's efforts to attain a relevant Job offer has been taken care of while giving a special category, where in a fresh job seeker can register with Fresher's Category in Goget and upload their Curriculum Vitae to get their Dream Job.

Marine Job Section: It is a tailor made module created in Goget keeping in mind their thrust for getting a Job in Marine field. Both Fresher's and Experienced professionals in this field can register with Goget and get best possible Job opportunity according to their caliber.

Whether you are searching for a new job or new career opportunity, Goget helps you in exploring the opportunities and possibilities that suits you better.

Latest Technology: As the World's PREMIUM Job Portal/Site, Goget has the latest technologies and advanced features for uploading Curriculum Vitae as well as Searching Jobs. The latest technologies and user-friendly features helps the Job Seeker's to search jobs as per their skills, years of experience, designation, location and other relevant criteria.

Global reach: Its Goget's endeavor to provide the end user with top-notch services. Goget reaches out to not only the Indian Cities but the Global Job market as well.

Treasure for Companies:

We nurture the vision to change the way companies all across the globe practice in recruiting their most valuable asset: their PEOPLE. Goget's latest technologies and user-friendly features are an advantage for companies to search and find the best pool of talents from its Curriculum Vitae Database. Goget helps the companies in acquiring the finest resources from a broad range of profiles.

The job portal also offers instant access to the most powerful hiring tools for posting jobs, searching Curriculum Vitae's, screening profiles and streamlining the complete hiring process.

It is our forte to offer the best job OPPURTUNITIES or the right pool of TALENTS in an easy, quick and cost effective manner. We understand the need of Employer's/Recruiter's and the Job Seeker's need for a job they DESERVE.

Here's a glimpse of what we cover:

  • 120 + industries
  • 38 +Major Job Functions and more than 525 Sub Functions
  • 83+ Designations/Roles and more.

Why Goget?

The objective of Goget is to offer a plethora of advantages to the end users including:

  • User friendly portal/ site with easy navigational facilitiess
  • Complete help and support to the end uses
  • Common platform for employers and jobseekers
  • Best pool of talents at a nominal price
  • Complete control in reducing expenditures involved in recruitment process
  • Instant promotion of companies and right selection of candidates.

Goget's Navigational Tools are simple to understand and easy to access:

  • New to Goget? REGISTER NOW: - Goget allows the Job Seeker to register themselves for uploading their Curriculum Vitae and searching for latest job opportunities. The registration process is very simple and takes just a couple of minutes to finish and the rewards are just a few clicks away and worth the efforts.
  • Job Seeker's Login: - By logging in Goget, the user can access and apply from a pool of Jobs of his/ her choice. This feature-rich tool helps the user to track the viewers/ employers who visited his/her profile. There are other attractive and user-friendly features worth exploring as they can guide in the pursuit of seeking one's dream job.
  • Submit Resume:- This tab facilitates jobseekers in uploading their resumes in quick and easy steps. The three distinctive features like General Category, Fresher's Category and Marine Jobs can further help the user in searching jobs as per their experience and preference..
  • Employer's Zone:- Employers can register themselves easily and get complete information about candidates.
  • Blog: - The blog section offers an insight into the current job market and offers guidance in selecting the right career for ensuring one's bright future.
  • The 'Chat with us' feature enables the user to communicate with us relating to job queries or career opportunities. Even the Employer/Recruiter can interact with the Job Seekers'.

As a user, you can have the following facilities:

  • Search for a better Job
  • Post your resume to attain your dream job in a reputed company
  • Platform for fresher's and experienced professionals
  • Job alerts best matching your profile through emails or SMS
  • Posting blogs on your account
  • Invite your favorite Company HR for Chat and also attend interview through Chat.

Goget's Value add-on Services:

Join the premium job portal/ site and accelerate your brand presence in the World Wide Web. Goget gives you the platform to promote and drive traffic to your growing business. A well-built business profile will help you in attracting new customers and increase your brand awareness among the masses along with your products and services. You can not only enhance your business prospects and build business connections but also have an insight into businesses of others in the market.

Goget- A great medium for placing advertisements:

Amidst intensifying competition in the world of advertising, companies look for best advertising and marketing techniques that can attract attention and persuade people into taking an action. No matter which mode of advertising is used, advertisers should always consider the AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) model of advertising to ensure the success of any Ad. We assist you in placing pleasing and attractive ads to reach the target customers through its customized tools tailored to meet specific requirements of Advertisers.

You can advertise with us and easily show up in searches, thereby increasing your lead, traffic and customers.

Here are a few simple steps to guide you for placing ads on Goget:

  • Mention your company name, email id and contact details
  • Choose among a range of 12 display ads size
  • Select the related Ad's Impression option
  • State your requirement details

Different things that you would like to advertise through Goget may include:-

  • Your business description
  • Your contact information, including- phone number, address etc.
  • Image or logo that best represents your business or organization
  • Picture of your office, store or restaurant etc
  • Special offers or coupons

Once you have placed your ad on Goget, next step would be to reach out to your potential and current customers. You can connect with people whom you feel are right fit for your business using Goget Ads. Through Ads, you can drive new connections to your website, inform masses about your latest product launches, get the users engaged with your brand, product or service; increase traffic to your product catalogue.

Random people who like your Ads spend an average of 2 times more as your potential customer and the ads can create an awareness and increase interest among them to visit your website and thus generate leads and traffic on your site. This will act as a significant player in increasing your business profits.

Goget- as a Marketing Tool:

Goget is also a marketing tool that provides you with detailed insights about how efficiently you can reach out to your valuable customers. Till date, you might have made a lot of investments on Ads in order to attract visitors to your site, but in vain. With your active role in marketing through Ads in Goget, you are sure to have great conversion rates and return.

No other platform gives you such an edge over your market competitors and in reaching out to your target audience, the way Goget does. Its vast database of jobseekers and employers increases the chances of better visibility and awareness of your brand or business among heterogeneous visitors. It is undeniably the best and effective marketing tool worth exploring today for advertisers or companies to promote their brands or business rapport.

At Goget, we empower advertisers in:

  • Building and customizing their business profile
  • Building a community of customers who are passionate about respective brand or business
  • Increase awareness about the product lines or services
  • Announcing the launch of new products
  • Sourcing ideas for new products and businesses.

Goget is popular among start up business ventures as well as giant organizations who consider it as a beneficial marketing tool for exploring how other companies rule the market and target customers through our value add on services. Our job portal is a valuable source of networking and its rich database is worth paying attention to for propelling your business growth.

Harness the power of Goget today for marketing your business and for finding new customers, vendors, partners and suppliers. It is an open platform for advertisers who wish to have a great and proved method for better visibility.

Be a Go Getter today to avail all opportunities awaiting You!

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